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Unit Planning

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EDTEP 587, Winter Quarter 2005
Teaching Science in the Secondary School II

Class Notes


The 5 phases of inquiry

Research Project timeline, proposal writing & scoring guide (student handouts)

Scaffolding Scientific Inquiry

Organizing for Scientific Inquiry


Inquiry Phases Lessons & Resources
 Phase 1. Hooking students & building a knowledge base to prepare for inquiry


Anita Case Study

Fish Case Study


Development of Medaka Fish   Embryological Development Lesson Plans

Prenatal Development


Movies of fish egg development:

1   2   3

Human embryo videos

March of dimes


 Phase 2. Crafting questions, hypotheses, predictions & initial models

Guiding student question-writing

Developing Questions

Developing Hypotheses

Developing Initial Models

Developing Question-Asking Skills (supporting activity/student handouts)


Phase 3. Designing and conducting the investigation

Examining our research variables (student handout)

Research variables for Medaka inquiry (student handout)


 Phase 4. Analyzing data and representing it as evidence


Representing data in graphs (student handout)

Graphing (student handout)

Types of graphs (student handout)


  Phase 5. Reconsidering the model, coordinating evidence and theory


Criteria for Final Inquiry Projects (your ideas)

Criteria for inquiry presentations

Guidelines for writing a formal lab

Teacher notes for helping students write a formal lab report


  2005 UNIT PLAN


 Unit Planning
How to plan units

Sample Unit Plan

Products from unit planning

Essential Questions

Planning Backwards

 In the field
Practicum Project

 Safety + More

Field trip guidelines

Burning Questions & Answers