Month: February 2010

Welcome to Our New Site

Hi! Welcome to the new Engage site! We’re still working to make this site able to do all we would like and upload some edited videos of our science talks. For now, check out the pages listed at the top

Galaxies in a Different Light: Astronomy in X-rays, Optical, IR, and Radio

By Cliff Johnson February 24, 2010 To fully study galaxies and understand their variety and splendor, we must collect and analyze radiation emitted throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum. I will tell about how these four space-based observatories have accomplished this

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Weeds are More than Plants out of Place: Mechanisms of Plant Invasion

By Rachel Mitchell February 10, 2010 Have you ever wondered why some plants in your garden struggle to become established, while other species rapidly grow, crowding out everything else? Scientists have been pondering the exact same phenomenon, and have termed

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