Month: March 2010

Charlotte Christensen’s Research

In case you missed the talk (we’ll the videos up as soon as we can*) you can read all about it! Greg Scheiderer stopped by: *If you have a passion for video editing and don’t require any compensation besides a

Our New Logo

There are many elements to a good webpage. They include a good URL, a nice design, a blog, and, very importantly in the age of branding, an attractive logo. When I was in Portland, where my good friend and incredibly

Galactic Gas: Stimulating Stellar Birthplaces

By Charlotte Christensen March 17th, 2010 Although nearly impossible to observe, free-floating molecular hydrogen gas makes up the coldest and densest parts of galaxies. Within these thick clouds of gas, stars and planetary systems are born and without it galaxies

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Big Bang to an Immigrant Sun: the Birth and Life of Spiral Galaxies

By Rok Roskar March 10, 2010 In this talk I will try to illuminate some fundamental ideas about the growth of galaxies like our own Milky Way. I will begin with the cosmic context and gradually focus on increasingly detailed

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Engage Featured in University Week

Rachel and Eric were interviewed for an article in the University of Washington’s News and Information publication, University Week. The article is available at We’re hoping that the article will raise the visibility of Engage and help spread the word about

The Science Speaker Series

The Science Speaker Series By Phil, on March 1st, 2010 A few of us organizers are graduate students in the  Astronomy department at UW. We’ve been giving shows in the campus planetarium since we arrived on campus. Last year was