Month: March 2011

Follow-up to Melissa’s talk

Tonight Melissa gave us a great presentation about the history, use, and some very interesting examples of misuses of graphs. Personally, I was really interested in the example drawn from the BP oil spill. Melissa promised to share some books

Making Pictures of Numbers: the Invention, Use, and Misuse of Graphs

By Melissa Clarkson March 30, 2011 We see graphs everywhere: in newspapers, in magazines, on the evening news, and on the web. Because graphs are so common today, it is difficult to image how we would understand data without them.

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Tonight: Melissa Clarkson on the Use and Misuse of Graphs

Melissa Clarkson, a PhD student in the Division of Biomedical and Health Informatics, is going to speak with us tonight about how science is communicated, and miscommunicated using graphs. She will takes us through the development and history of graphs, talk about

Thanks to Jonathan and Will

This past Wednesday, March 16th, Will Marrs and Jonathan Cheng delivered two excellent talks.  Will discussed the history and current health research findings of marijuana (cannabis) science, and Jonathan talked about a new nanotechnology, the lab-on-a-chip, fabricated and used right

Using the Science of Marijuana to Improve Treatments for Disorders of Body and Mind

By Will Marrs March 16, 2011 In addition to its well-known status as a recreational drug, marijuana (cannabis) also has a long and impressive history of medical usage. Cannabis was used as medicine by societies around the world for thousands

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Neuroscience on a Chip

By Jonathan Cheng March 16, 2011 Computers have undergone a revolution in the past half century — they have gotten faster and can process more information in a shorter amount of time. Now, imagine a revolution like this happening in

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Past and Future Talks

A big thanks to all of the people who have come out to support our speakers and learn about the vibrant research community at the UW.  We are now on to our fourth Engage talk!  This week, we have a

The Usual Suspects: Investigating the Causes of Observed Climate Variability and Change

By Brian Smoliak March 2, 2011 Faced with the spectre of a warmer world, pervasive environmental change and associated ecological stresses, global political leaders tasked scientists with the challenge of assessing the evolving state of the Earth’s climate system, projecting

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