Month: April 2011

Gene Therapy: the Future of Medicine?

By Julie Shi April 27, 2011  Today’s drugs only treat the symptoms of disease rather than the causes. Gene therapy can treat these causes, thereby potentially revolutionizing the future of medicine. By engineering synthetic viruses for gene therapy, we can

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Shining a Light on Protein Shapes

By Andy McMillian April 27, 2011 Proteins are responsible for most biological functions, and understanding their shape can tell about how they work (or don’t work in the case of illnesses). A common way of studying proteins is to look

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This Week: Gene Therapy with Julie Shi, and Protein Shapes with Andy McMillan

This week, we have a microscopic double-header. Julie Shi will be talking to us about gene therapy and how scientists are turning viruses from disease causing agents to vehicles for cures. Julie studies the engineering of synthetic viruses. Andrew will

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: Finding the Ankle Joint in Prosthetic Feet

By Andrew Sawers April 13, 2011 Compared to the anatomical foot and ankle, many prosthetic feet are designed without a moving ankle joint. This makes it very difficult to evaluate their performance characteristics and accurately prescribe them to meet the

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This Week: Andrew Sawer

This week, Andrew Sawer, PhD candidate in the Department of Rehabilitation, will talk to us about the art and science of selecting and fitting prosthetic limbs. Different people use their limbs differently, and fitting a prosthetic limb requires careful study