Month: January 2016

Student Post: Communication and Likability

Arjun is interested in building biological machines to address the challenges posed to crops by a rapidly changing agricultural environment. He designs and builds control systems that allow him to engineer plants that are more robust to environmental changes.          In

Student Post: Why I might wear a Mickey Mouse suit for my next talk about my research

Tiffany is a dual master’s student in Social Work and Public Health with thirteen years of experience in health research that includes consulting with organizations on ways to maximize their studies’ performance by using social media and reviewing the ethical conduct

Student Post: What it’s like to be a Non-Expert

Sarah Pickett is a PhD student in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience at UW. Her research focuses on the development, death, and regeneration of specialized sensory neurons used for hearing, called hair cells. Outside of lab, Sarah sings with the

Student Post: Talk to Your tOAStER

Max (aka Gordon) is a graduate student in a dual oceanography and astrobiology program, studying bacterial life in sea ice. He looks at how this life adapts to the extreme conditions of the Arctic, and how we might use our knowledge of these

Student Post: Storytelling and Talismans

Marshall Styczinski is involved in physics education research, concerned with improving the teaching and learning of physics. He is a fourth-year PhD student in physics at UW, studying interactive media as a tool for enhancing student learning.      

Student Post: Storytelling and Human Culture

Jillian Lyles is a 2nd year graduate student in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs at the University of Washington. Her work focuses on how knowledge forms other than western science can inform and benefit human relations around and