She's Easy Prey for the Satirical Predator

  • How does Barbie satire differ from web to print?
  • A discussion: Has Barbie become too real?

  • These three questions will be the focus of this site. I have chosen to look at Mattel's plastic blond bombshell known to all as Barbie in an anlayzation of satire on the web. I will first look at why Barbie is such a prevalent figure in satire and then investigate what is being addressed in the writings and images which satirize her. Then I will do a comparison of satires on the web and in print in order to illuminate the differences which arise within these medium in their dealings with America's plastic icon. Finally, I've included a discussion of how Barbie has come to represent more than simply a doll and how this representation has manifested itself in our society. And don't miss those Barbie links!

    Why Satirize Barbie? Web vs. Print Too Real? Satirical Barbie Links