Test Suite for Java/Midi/Ogg Support

Java Sound Applets Rendered Versions (.ogg)
(Fluid3 +Steinway soundfonts)
Simple .mid file
(whatever player you have)
Michelle (25K)
Lady Madonna (23K)
House of the Rising Sun (62K)
Rollercoaster of Love (22K)
Copland: Fanfare (10.7K)

Rendering Midi files

The third column contains simple href links to midi files. Clicking on them will flush out whatever midi support you have as a default midi player application (RealPlayer, Quicktime, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Timidity for Windows, what else?) If you have more than one, you could test each of them to decide which you like best. Quicktime appears to have better patches than RealPlayer on my office box.

The first column are tests for the Java midi engine; the results will be better if you have the soundbank-deluxe.gm in place of the tiny one supplied (maybe) in your Java installation. (Ignore the file extensions in the menu window--they are a kludge.)

The second column are ogg recordings of these midi files as rendered on my home rig using Timidity and a couple of large, good sound fonts. You could install Timidity and eawpatches on your Windows box and make your own well-rendered recordings. (Mac I don't know what you do.) Of course, ogg files are not universally supported yet either, so I serve them with a couple of java player options. These files sound so good it is hard to believe they are rendered midi's; they are, however, 79-100 times bigger.

Or, you could use the jlgui applet

...which has bells and whistles and skins and supports so many formats it is called the Java Winamp. It is inserted by Javascript has has an jlgui.ini file to specify settings on the equalizer, etc. And it has a playlist where the paths work straightforwardly.

Or, if you have Java Webstart installed,

use jlgui. All you need to use it as a Java Webstart application is a playlist with paths to the sound files: copy the link and swap in the url to your playlist and you should be ready to go (for people who have Java Webstart installed). You don't have to serve the applet. But I can't get homer to serve playlists, only individual files. Try this