Slim player (xpsf)

  1. The little wedge at the end is a volume control.
  2. click the double arrow to select another clip
  3. Be sure you have the xspf_player_slim.swf in the same directory as the play_list.xspf file. The actual sound clips can be anywhere.
  4. This sample shows operation with a playlist. If you only want to play one clip, you can by-pass the playlist, changing



    song_url=[path to song]&

On-off button control

This is musicplayer.swf rather than xspf_player_slim.swf—the code is virtually identical. It also works with a playlist.

There is also an Extended Player. See Tom Boutell's pages.

Native support for <AUDIO> element in FireFox 3.6 and Chrome (with OGG—also WAV—format)

This is the simplest solution with OGG, if you don't mind the messed up volume control. If you do, then you have several options:

  1. you can add a little javascript, as Kaltura (JQuery-based) which does play in IE8.
  2. or use the jplayer (also JQuery), which which can be used for a single song, or with a playlist and many options; it can include mp3 support (via Flash). Out of the box, it does play onOpen (autoload=autoload). If you use this, remember to download the "skin" and "js" folders.
  3. On the other hand, if you want to play OGG files on all browsers regardless of the AUDIO element and partial native support, you can use JVorbis, which is a Java based applet/object. I don't think I will support this anymore.
  4. For a simple Play/Pause button and also a mouseOver trigger, see here.