Henry Miller's Paris
Schedule for Autumn 2012
Date Readings Topics Classwork & Assignments
25th September   •HTML4, XHTML, HTML5;

DOCTYPE templates
Moving in: Open Web acct.
•Using (TeraTerm Pro) to Dante account
•Using WinScp to down/upload from home or lab (Mac=Fugu)
•Adding an icon
•Unix Commands
•Using Pico to edit on site.
27 September Franz, 1-19; Differences of four major browsers and their developer tools.
•customizing a browser
•Four extensions and a bookmarklet for FF [+]
Lesson #1. Using Typetester
2 October Franz, c.2
& see The Tragedy of Misuse: Why You Hate Comic Sans, Kadavy, 38-45
•Basic Text Page
The skinny on symbol.ttf
•Writing with (MS:NotePad++) (Mac:TextWrangler)
•Lesson #2
4 October Franz, c.3 Lesson #3
9 October Franz, c.4 Gibson text Lesson #4
11 October Hypertext Interlude:
What Happens When You HREF?
•Hyperlink anchors
•URL paths
•links to fragments
•Email hyperlinks
•Title and Target attributes
Project #1. Due 16 October[+]
16 October Franz, c.5 Page layout and design: alignment Lesson #5
18 October Franz, c.6
Lesson #6 (Film Series, Part 1)
23 October Franz, c. 7& 8 Lesson #7 & 8(Film Series, Part 2 &3)
25 October Franz, c. 9 Lesson #9 (Film Series, Part 4)
30 October •Franz, c.10
Zebra Striping with JQuery
Example of Sorter •Lesson #10
Project #2.Restyle a Page. Due 6 November[+]
1 November •Franz, c. 11
Multiple Voices Lesson 11 (Recipe, Part 1)
6 November •Franz, c. 12
fixed, liquid, and elastic designs
scaling images
Lesson 12: (Recipe, Part 2)
8 November •Franz, c. 13
The Rhetoric of Chunking and Linking
Use of breadcrumbs (2002)
CSS Imagemaps
e-passagen: a machine for thinking
Lesson #13 (Recipe, Part 3)
13 November
WSG3:Site StructureThe White Teeth of London and compare BBC adaptationOne Text: Many Stories
Site Structures and Traversals Project #3. Analysis and Critique of City site. Due 27 November[+]
15 November •Franz, c. 15
Using Google Webfonts (and ubuntu-bare)
Google Font Combinations
Lesson #15
27 November Franz cc. 16-17
29 November Franz, c. 18 •Curt Cloninger, 10 fresh styles
minimalist redesign
Demo of opacities etc.
•Lesson #18
Project #4 Analysis of a Web Style Due 12/6 [+]
4 December Sven Lennartz, grunge styles
30 Beautiful Examples
35 Beautiful Grunge Sites
6 December CSS3 Transitions, Transformations, etc.
CSS3 Demo Project
HTML5 Tutorial
Project #4 Plan due