Course Policies for English 382

  1. LESSONS:Class preparation consists of reading the chapter of Franz (and any supplemental linked sites in the Calendar for the day) and working on the Lesson for the day. Class time will be available for working on it also. This work is crucial to learning the material in the chapter and getting it in your fingers. Ideally you should finish each Lesson before going on to the next one, and an at least nearly finished lesson is the basis of the homework grade (which will be based on completedness of the lesson.) You will probably have to move some files around: the easiest way to do this may be to carry them around on a thumb drive for work in the lab and at home. The (nearly!) completed Lesson should be placed in a subdirectory called lessons on your Dante account where I can check on it. You cannot access the lab computers from outside the LAN. (I can, but that's another story). The total weight for Lessons is 25% of the grade.
  2. PROJECTS: The four projects should also be stored on your Dante account and links to them should be posted in the Projects "conversation" on the GoPost Message Board. Their weight is 15% each.
  3. CLASS PARTICIPATION: The remaining 15% is the class participation grade, which will be based on class participation(!) and on posting comments, queries, answers, and useful links on the Message Board.
  4. You can use Pico, vi, or emacs as editors to make minor changes in files already on your account. Beware of using Pico with Javascript, for it inserts invisible breaks when it scrolls and so breaks Javascript in ways that are impossible to see on proofing. Notepad++ is a popular free editor for Windows that colors tags.There are some freeware editors for Mac, or you can get BBEdit.
  5. Use the HTML5 Doctype declaration at the top of each of your pages <!DOCTYPE html>.
  6. Get in the habit of using Tidy-enhanced Firefox and Firebug, especially as you draw near to a finished draft, and always if something is not working as expected. Also use the spell-checker. Misspelled words on line look sloppy and lame (unlike email).
  7. Always sign and date your on-line work for this class. A convenient way to do this is the footer.shtml that I use for this site (with changed copyright, of course). This is included at the bottom of each file with the line: <!--#include file="footer.shtml"--> This will automatically print the URL of the page and the date it was written to disk.
  8. All pages you make should be scalable two bumps up and two bumps down from your default or specified dimensions.