The White Teeth of London… with which the dream is smiling at every immigrant as well as gnawing at his heart.

The hub of this project is a pinned Google Map of Central London and Willesden, the primary locales in Zadie Smith's novel White Teeth (2000). The pins lead to pages linking the location and the novel— the visiting, photographing, and tying to the novel were done by Erin Podlipnik. Most of the photographs are Erin's; only the one on this page and the Trafalgar Square page are not. All pages can be reached directly from the Map, though cross-links are provided to follow four of the principal characters from place to place.

The majority of the pages, like this one, have a sound clip at the very top of the page that is playable by clicking the bar. The volume can be adjusted with the little triangle at the extreme right and the clip can be started and stopped in the usual fashion. It was a hard design decision not to launch these on loading the page, but we are aiming more for reflective reading than dramatic impact.

These pages are made to be extremely scalable—except for the map, but it of course can be zoomed.

As one might suspect, one of us is an immigrant, though not to the UK.

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—George L. Dillon, Instructor and Head Code-Wrassler