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  1. came armed Jem has a twang of guilt as she squashes
  2. putting on a slight American twang just so I don't get
  3. putting on a slight American twang just so I don't get
  4. of the characteristic bite and twang of a tele. I got
  5. Shaparoon] What, old huddle and twang[56] so close at it,
  6. is Herophil. [56] huddle and twang = 'a term of contempt for
  7. century, and the chatter and twang of estate agents desperately trying
  8. producing a motion known as `twang', and AbuTaha's analysis of the
  9. bit of the local Bavarian twang! The work was very challenging
  10. I was developing a 'Brummy twang'. Hence I moved south to
  11. out the East End's Cockney twang' 11 April 2006 Daily Mail ''
  12. and said, with a cockney twang and a swagger, `Well, Mr
  13. 45) gives a fairly deep twang, whereas high values, e.g.
  14. and by it self did twang a. the   S. Dunstanes harpe
  15. and by it self did twang a.               it self, Gaudent in
  16. and by it self did twang a. the   S. Dunstanes harpe
  17. and by it self did twang a.               it self, Gaudent in
  18. and by it self did twang a. the   S. Dunstanes harpe
  19. and by it self did twang a.               it self, Gaudent in
  20. Carnegie Carnival such a distinctive twang. Professor Simon Lee, Vice-Chancellor. vc@
  21. his interview with the DJ twang..."So, Hamish Campbell in Antarctica,
  22. in that ever present DJ twang. Slow realisation spread across Hamish's
  23. effort level, breathiness, creakiness, growl, twang. Many popular singers exploit these
  24. consonant; as, harmonic sounds. "Harmonic twang! of leather, horn, and brass." (
  25. an attempt to make it twang with humour.  "I'm the blackest
  26. language, bwoy? Not even lickle twang? An yuh sister what work
  27. around one wrist, and lightly twang it when they are becoming
  28. F1154 //Yeah, that's a lovely twang to have.// //Oh!// F1155 //my
  29. June 1987) may, with luck, twang a semi-conscious cord in the
  30. has a slightly nasal Midlands twang, as of pre-Irish northwest London.
  31. 29, 2007 More thump, more twang, less session Writing about web
  32. cycling glissando (a pretty mushy twang). Low values for spacing (e.
  33. as noted above a mushy twang with low values for spacing
  34. accent, with its distinctive nasal twang, is being supplanted by the
  35. a peculiarly hollow or nasal twang. Because of this law piano
  36. Pynto; two figurative uses of 'twang' could perhaps indicate Shaparoon: 'a
  37. Package Check Results for Package twang Last updated on 2008-11-23 23:55:49.
  38. to Dunoon' in a sooth twang, and a lot o ither
  39. they would,' in that sooth twang and pull his heed back
  40. in its faulty grammar, southern twang, and tinny sound-packeting, something of
  41. pop4, pop5, ricochet, smash, splat, twang, twoing, warble1, warble2, whirling, wobble1,
  42. air? Eastern Tues 10PM-midnight Strangeland (twang, cowpunk, roots, swing....) Eastern Sun
  43. to Portpatrick. //[laugh] The Stranraer twang.// F1154 //Oh Portpatrick. [laugh]// F1155
  44. it rejected the idea that twang had anything to do with
  45. BMJ Endpiece Stretched until they twang Top   Writers write far more
  46. huge effort: stretched until they twang.   Footnotes Martin Amis, Experience, London:
  47. himself with a C&W twang) SONG: "DO YOU THINK IT'S
  48. are the same whatever your twang. Training in June................................................257 Nicole

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