English 569--Spring 2002:

 Imagetext and Hypertext


written work

In addition to the three exercises and final paper, all of which should be done in HTML,  you should keep a browsing log--either on paper or on your home site--jotting down your responses to the various assigned pages we will look at.  This will be useful to you in several ways, including remembering the experiences.  Your showing it to me is purely voluntary: to support you expressing (venting?) yourself candidly, I will not require that you turn it in.


Topics Assignment
1 April Overview of Web in English Studies Lester Faigley, "Material Literacy and Visual Design;
Pick an edition, a place, and a hypertext course that interests you and analyze it for discussion.

3 April
Discussion of sites chosen
Work through Three Parameters and Design Schema

8 April
Basic issues of design and structure;  linear, non-sequential.
Graphic Principles of Web Design
Link/annotate a text (due 15 April)
10 April
Practice using Composer to make links and include images.
Bernstein, Gardens and Links ; Nichols, Gardens;
Borges (Papaganou), Garden of Forked Paths and handout;
15 April
Discussion of Bernstein in re links and of Forked Paths
Using the Gimp;  annotated text due
17 April Intro to Image processing with GIMP: sizing, correcting, writing on images Benjamin (Peaker), Fragments of the Passagenwerk 
Bobin Michals, e-arcades
22 April
Discussion of Benjamin's Passages; see Passagen Notes and Table of Links
Mitchell, cc. 1-2; A little typography; and style;
stylesheet tutorial
What NYPL says
Good page of links and models
24 April
Discuss Mitchell, 1-2;
Use of style sheets
Mitchell, cc. 3, 7;
collateral text: Johanna Drucker, The Visible Word
29 April
Discuss Mitchell, 3, 7
View emblem book sites and read Elkins, c. 12.
Frames tutorial
1 May
Discuss emblem books' use of  text and image;
Working with frames
Mitchell, c. 9; collateral text: Jefferson Hunter, Image and Text;
View linked Photoessays of place.
Comparison of two photoessays for 13 May
6 May
Discuss Mitchell, c.9;  ratios of  text and image; issues of genre
More photoessays--of issues
8 May
Photoessay as Web genre
Squier, Urban Diary;
GashGirl/DollYoko, Zombie Princess
13 May
Discuss text-image chains;
Making imagemaps with the GIMP
Comparison of two photoessays due;
Make an image chain for 20 May

View  Flax & Scholz, Crossing the Divide;
15 May
Discuss Divide; spatializing text;
View Arnold and Derby,  Kokura, others from nuclear group
20 May
Discuss Kokura and rhetoric of nuclear sites
Chain due.
View Stringfellow, Welcome to the Salton Sea and related Great Basin Lake sites
22 May
Discussion of Salton Sea;
comparative critique
Plan for final paper due on Wednesday the 29th
The Great Basin Project
Discussion of final projects, needed HTML; hereafter to end (7 June) topics as needed for project.
Final project due 14 June.
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