Wei-Chih Wang

Research Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Office: Mechanical Engineering Rm. 260
Box 352600
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Washington
Seattle, Wa, 98185

(206) 543-2479
(206) 685-8047


University of Washington
Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Electrical Engineering, June, 1996
Master of Science, Department of Electrical Engineering, June, 1992
Bachelor of Science, Department of Electrical Engineering, June, 1989


Wei-Chih received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington in 1989, 1992, and 1996, respectively. His research interests include the Numerical Analysis on Structural vibration, Acoustic wave and Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, the Study of Linear and Nonlinear Damping Vibration In Micro-Structure, and Semiconductor and IC Fabrication Processes.

Wei-Chih is currently a research associate professor for the department of Mechanical Engineering and adjunct research associate professor for the department of electrical engineering and department of bioengineering at National Cheng Kung University. He has several honors in teaching and research including recipient of 2006 University of Washington College of Engineering Innovation award, top 10 most disclosed faculties from 2004 to 2009 and several US Patents. He is also currently a member of the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Optomechatronics and Sensors and Actuators Transducers Journal

As an instructor and course manager for Engineering 100, Wei-Chih brings lots of excitement to the course and motivates the students to create amazing projects! He created an implemented the current Spaghetti tower, Rube Goldberg, electrical wiring, robotics projects. He constantly encourages interested ENGR 100 students to do research projects to earn ENGR 199 EE 499 and ME 499 credits. He is very passionate about engineering and often showcases ENGR 100 student projects for College of Engineering Open House and other similar campus events. Wei-Chih has been teaching the course since Spring 1998.

Personal website: faculty.washington.edu/abong

Research/Career Interests

Wei-Chih is currently the director of the Micro Technology Laboratory (MTL) in Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Lab performs basic and applied research utilizing unique polymer materials and fabrication techniques, focusing on micro-sensors and actuators for industrial and biomedical applications. Areas of research include: optical fiber sensors for mechanical and fluid measurement; image acquisition and display using microfabricated waveguide and electro-optical scanners; plantar pressure and shear measurement using integrated optical sensors; polymer composites development for MEMS devices utilizing diamagnetic levitation for motor and energy harvesting; and creating autonomous self-configurable robots for civil and biomedical applications.  More recently, his work has been expanded to 3-D metamaterial and eletromagentic and eletrocactive polymer material development.The group has many research collaborations with a number of universities and industries both in Taiwan and U.S.

Lab website link: depts.washington.edu/mictech/home/index.html

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