ENVIR 201:  Ecology & Conservation 
Humans in the Environment



James R. Karr

Professor of Fisheries and Zoology; Adjunct Professor of Civil Engineering, Environmental Health, and Public Affairs

Office: 214 Fishery Sciences

Office hours: After lecture W or F or by appointment

Telephone: 685-4784

Email: jrkarr@u.washington.edu

Mailstop: Box 355020

Teaching Assistants

Astrid Cerny

Office and Hours:  W 2:30-3:30 (Smith), F 1:30-2:30 (MGH 258)
Email:  acerny@u.washington.edu
Mailstop: Box 353550

Janessa Graves

Office and Hours:  MGH 255; MW 11:30-12:20
Email:  janessa@u.washington.edu
Mailbox: Health Sciences Center, F-461 (F-Wing)

Leila Sievanen

Office and Hours:  MGH 255; MW 11:30-12:20
Email:  leilas@u.washington.edu
Mailbox: Denny Hall, Mezzanine, Mailbox in anthropology office

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