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The Program on the Environment's Autumn 2008


Environmental Studies Capstone Conference

Dana Giffen analyzes samples from a the Juco River in Costa Rica.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008
1:30-6:00 p.m.

Husky Union Building (HUB), Room 108

Ariana Taylor-Stanley works in the garden
that she built on the UW campus.



Introductions and Welcome, 1:30-1:40
Michael Reese, Capstone Instructor, UW Program on the Environment

Session I: Envisioning and Building Sustainable Landscapes, 1:40-2:15
Jeanne Fulcher, "Shoreline Restoration Challenges: Permits and Public Perception" (Advised by Beth Bryant, UW School of Marine Affairs, and Geoff Tallent, Washington State Department of Ecology)
Marc Olsen, "Restoration of a Dune Ecosystem Along the East Shore of Puget Sound" (Advised by Kern Ewing, UW College of Forest Resources, and Maureen Colaizzi, City of Shoreline)
Ariana Taylor-Stanley, "Exploring the Power of Urban Agriculture in an On-Campus Garden " (Advised by Ann Anagnost, UW Anthropology, and Keith Possee, UW Medicinal Herb Garden)

Break, 2:15-2:20

Session II: Analyzing Environmental Policy, 2:20-2:55
Alice Drury, "Implementing and Tracking an Outreach Plan for Washington State's Event Recycling Law" (Advised by Yoram Bauman, UW Economics, and Viccy Salazar, Environmental Protection Agency)
Sadie Rusby, "Seattle, Get Out of Your Car! An Analysis of Car-Free Events" (Advised by Alon Bassok, UW Urban Design and Planning, and Jemae Hoffman, Seattle Department of Transportation)
Shannon Whitney, "The Limits of Litigation: A Case Study of Forestry Stewardship Council et al. v. U.S. Trade Representative et al." (Advised by Karen Litfin, UW Political Science, and Peter Goldman, Washington Forest Law Center)

Session III: Poster Presentations, 2:55-3:30
Carolyn Chen, "Opportunities for Algae: Analyses of Three Distinct Markets for Algae" (Advised by J. Robert Waaland, UW Biology, and Andrei Guschin, Bio-Navitas)
Alex Mark, "The Effects of Mass-Marking and Vaccination on Bacterial Disease in Tulalip Hatchery Chinook Salmon" (Advised by Michael Reese, UW Program on the Environment, and Mike Crewson, Tulalip Tribes Natural Resources Department)
Elizabeth Sandstrom, "Spreading the Message that Organic Food Can Save Farmland" (Advised by John A. Wott, UW College of Forest Resources, and Kelly Sanderbeck, PCC Farmland Trust)
Laura Schober, "Evaluating Hatchery Policy: Mass-Marking and Tulalip Bay Chinook Salmon" (Advised by Michael Reese, UW Program on the Environment, and Mike Crewson, Tulalip Tribes Natural Resources Department)
Rachna Sharma, "Community Outreach and Involvement in Environmental Decisionmaking " (Advised by Jill Sterrett, UW Evans School of Public Policy, and Running Grass, Environmental Protection Agency)
Vera Tran, "Walking the Talk: Suggestions to Improve the Federal Green Challenge" (Advised by Michael Reese, UW Program on the Environment, and Joann Hiatt, Environmental Protection Agency)
Elizabeth Van Deren, "Dig Deep: Policy Requirements for Geoduck Aquaculture in Puget Sound" (Advised by Carolyn Friedman, UW Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, and Perry Lund, Washington Department of Ecology)

Session IV: Establishing Baselines and Quantifying Environmental Health, 3:30-4:20
Tiffanie Matsumoto, "Carbon Counting toward a Sustainable Future in Issaquah" (Advised by Marty Curry, UW Community, Environment, & Planning, and David Fujimoto, City of Issaquah)
Michaela Howard, "The Federal Green Challenge: Addressing the Environmental Impacts of Federal Agencies in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska" (Advised by Clare Ryan, UW College of Forest Resources, and Joann Hiatt, Environmental Protection Agency)
David Donnell, "Investigating Toxic Soup in the Lower Columbia River Basin" (Advised by John Kissell, UW Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, and Brandon Perkins, Environmental Protection Agency)
Dana Giffen, "Temperate to Tropical: The Trouble with Using Temperate Aquatic Insect Analysis Methods in Costa Rica" (Advised by Susan Bolton, UW College of Forest Resources, and Michael Reese, UW Program on the Environment)

Break, 4:20-4:30

Session V: Media and Message in the Environmental Movement, 4:30-5:20 
Alexandra DySard, "Redefining Waste Management: A Challenge for the Environment" (Advised by Marc Miller, UW School of Marine Affairs, and Dana Warn and Viccy Salazar, Environmental Protection Agency)
Cartier S., "Constructing the Perfect Tool: A Marketing Strategy for EPA Partnership Programs" (Advised by Dorothy Paun, UW Business, and Domenic Calabro, Environmental Protection Agency)
Robb Schmitt, "Broadcast to the World: An Examination of the Internet's Role in the Development of the Modern Environmental Movement" (Advised by Taso Lagos, UW Communications, and Sam Knox and Dave Averill, ONE/Northwest)
Nicole Woltersdorf, "The Role of Photography in Conservation Efforts" (Advised by Richard Gammon, UW Chemistry, and Chris Walter, Cascade Land Conservancy)

Break, 5:20-5:25

Session VI: Evaluating Environmental Outreach Efforts, 5:25-6:00
Yumi Moriyama, "'Simple & Clean' Workshops in Mason County, Washington: Educating Residents about the Environmental Impacts of Household Cleaners" (Advised by Matthew Keifer, UW Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, and Teri King, Washington Sea Grant)
Ariel Waddell, "The Salmon-Safe Certification Farm Program: An Analysis of Eco-Friendly Labeling and Local Food System Interdependence" (Advised by Michael Kucher, UW-Tacoma Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, and Larry Nussbaum, Stewardship Partners)
Joanne Amlag, "Integrating Environmental Justice in the Pacific Northwest: The EPA's Role" (Advised by Chuck Tresler, UW Environmental Health and Jeremy Sappington, UW Public Health Services, and Melanie Wood, Environmental Protection Agency)

Appreciations, 6:00



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