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The Program on the Environment's Spring 2008


Environmental Studies Capstone Conference

Maria Rodriguez stands next to buckets of freshly picked olives; Maria researched small-scale organic farming in Sicily.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008
1:30-5:15 p.m.

Husky Union Building (HUB), Room 310

Matt Kalman (at right) monitors the vitals signs of a muskrat during its treatment at Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington, Washington

Introductions and Welcome, 1:30-1:35
Michael Reese, Capstone Instructor, UW Program on the Environment
Session I: Creating Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes
Oral Presentations, 1:35-2:25
Kelsay Knutson, "Carbon Emissions and Biomass Consumption from Slash-and-Burn Fires: A Case Study from the Chiquitano Forest in Bolivia" (Advised by Ernesto Alvarado, UW Forest Resources)
Adam Fischer, "Investigating the Health of Shorebirds in the Skagit Valley" (Advised by Julia Parrish, UW Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, and Ruth Milner, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)
Sean Gellatly, "Workable Alternatives in Frost Protection: Reducing the Use of Smudge Pots on the Yakama Reservation" (Advised by Devon Peña and Karen Capuder, UW Anthropology, and Gary Olson, Environmental Protection Agency)
Maria Elena Rodriguez, "Cultivating Community on Small-Scale Organic Farms: Investigating Partnerships between Volunteers and Sicilian Food Communities" (Advised by Michael Kucher, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW-Tacoma)
Break, 2:25-2:35
Session II: Mitigating the Damage: Conserving Wetlands and Wildlife
Oral Presentations, 2:35-3:25
Matt Kalman, "Wildlife Rehabilitation in the Pacific Northwest: Building Connections between Humans and Wildlife" (Advised by John Marzluff, UW Forest Resources, and Tom Trapp, Sarvey Wildlife Center)
Kendall Bossert and Darren Habel, "Lost in Mitigation: Strengthening the Enforcement of Wetlands Regulations at the Washington State Department of Ecology" (Advised by Kern Ewing, UW Forest Resources; Mike Brett, UW Civil and Environmental Engineering; and Donna Bunten and Susan Meyer, Washington Department of Ecology)
Wendi Pedersen, "Prioritizing Oak Woodlands within Thurston County for The Nature Conservancy" (Advised by Sarah Elwood-Faustino, UW Geography, and Eric Delvin, The Nature Conservancy)
Session III: Poster Session, 3:25-3:50
Gianpaolo Boccato, "Creating and Extending Resource Conservation in Fraternities and Sororities" (Advised by Clare Ryan, UW Forest Resources)
Zoe Finkelstein, "Environmental Marketing and the PCC Farmland Trust" (Advised by Michael Reese, UW Program on the Environment, and Kathryn Gardow, PCC Farmland Trust)
Sam Knox, "Restoring White Center Heights Park" (Advised by Kern Ewing, UW Forest Resources)
Rachel Tamigniaux, "Planning the 2008 Air Toxics Summit for Region 10 of the Environmental Protection Agency" (Advised by Chuck Treser, UW Environmental Health, and Ashley Zanolli, Environmental Protection Agency)
Rose Thornton, "Nine Reasons Why: Giving Homeowners Nine Good Reasons to Choose Green Building Materials and Home Furnishings" (Advised by Martin Westerman, UW Marketing and International Business, and Alicia Silva, Synergy Design Studio)
Session IV: Envisioning and Designing Sustainable Streets and Buildings
Oral Presentations, 3:50-4:30
Emilie Kimball, "Making Strides towards a Better Future: Seattle Department of Transportation's Pedestrian Master Plan" (Advised by Nancy Rottle, UW Landscape Architecture, and Barbara Gray, Seattle Department of Transportation)
Shane Sobotka, "Project Management and Green Design: Redesigning an Atlas E Missile Site" (Advised by Dennis Ryan, UW Urban Design and Planning)
Spencer Thomas, "Road Rage: The Alaska Way Viaduct and Seattle Waterfront Controversy" (Advised by Odai Johnson, UW Drama, and Michael Reese, UW Program on the Environment)
Break, 4:30-4:40
Session V: Public-Private Partnerships and Environmental Policymaking
Oral Presentations, 4:40-5:15
Heather Java, "Environmental Justice within EPA Region 10" (Advised by Chuck Treser, UW Environmental Health, and Melanie Wood, Environmental Protection Agency)
John Velazquez, "The Pacific Northwest Economic Region: A Regional Forum on Climate Change" (Advised by Richard Gammon, UW Chemistry, and Ian Burkheimer, Pacific Northwest Economic Region)
Heidi Gridley, "Enforcing the Superfund Law : The Search for Potentially Responsible Parties along the Duwamish Waterway" (Advised by Beth Bryant, UW Marine Affairs, and Claire Hong, Environmental Protection Agency)



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