ESRM 368, Winter Quarter 2016
Natural Resource Measurements (a.k.a.
Forest Resources Assessment:
Products, Trees, Stands & Habitats)

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Instructor: Eric C. Turnblom

Office: BLD (
Bloedel Hall) 232
Office Hours: Tu 10:30 - 11:20 AM, Fr 9:40 - 10:30 AM, or by appointment*
Mailbox Location: AND 114
Telephone: 206-543-2762

Meeting Times / Locations
Lec: M W F 8:30 - 9:20  WFS 105
Lab: Mo 11:30 AM -2:20 PM WFS 107 (with a few announced exceptions)
Required all-day Saturday field trip: 20 Feb 2016

Course Description / Objectives
Students will gain familiarity with assessment of primary and secondary forest products, tree and stand attributes, with forest stand parameter analysis, with tree and stand growth and yield, and with forest sampling and resource inventory.  Students will be able to characterize and analyze data from common forest resource sampling protocols for making management decisions.  Students will gain a general appreciation and understanding of the methodologies and utility of mathematical description of tree and forest characteristics. 

Required: Husch, B., T.W. Beers, and J.A. Kershaw, Jr. 2003. Forest Mensuration, 4th Ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 443 pp.

Recommended Supplement: Bell, J.F. and J.R. Dilworth. 2007. Log Scaling and Timber Cruising. Cascade Printing Co. 439 pp.

Students are advised to have had a course in algebra and trigonometry, introductory statistics, such as QSCI 381, ENG 311, or equivalent and ESRM 304.  

Performance Evaluation
Grades will be weighted according to the following:
    Homework / Labwork     70%
    Final exam   20%
    Class participation    10%

Other items
Everyone should have a UW computer account to receive periodic email messages regarding lab sessions, assignments, and other logistical issues surrounding the course. Familiarity with software such as Excel and Word and with computers in general is also helpful, as their use is indicated by the nature of the problem.  All homework assignments must be completed to receive course credit.  Homework must meet the described standards for neatness and completeness.

* Please Note: The instructor will not discuss any particular assignment beyond the close of the business day immediately prior to the due date for that assignment

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