The Water Seminar and Environmental Science and Resource Management Seminar

ESRM 429, FISH 529, SEFS 529, PB AF 521, and Open to the Public

Winter Quarter focus: Water, Soils and Watersheds

Tuesday Mornings at 8:30-9:20 AM in 223 Anderson Hall

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Grading: In order to receive credit for this course (1 credit) you will need to attend 8 out of the 10 seminars (8/10 points) and sign in your name on the sign up sheet posted on the outside of the classroom during the hour.   You will be allowed 2 unexcused absences during the quarter, if you have any special cases that may inhibit you from fulfilling the full credit, contact Lynn at There are NO tests, quizzes, essays, or any other assignments for this class, you will receive credit solely from attendance. Grades will not be posted but if you would like to know how many points you have out of 10, contact Lynn.      


 Guest Speaker Name
Seminar Topic
January 8
Camila Tejo, Univ. of Washington
Introduction to the seminar (Darlene Zabowski) and
Canopy Soils and Water in Old-growth forests of the Queets River Valley, Washington
January 15
Robert Edmonds, Univ. of Washington
The Role of Trees in Modifying Water Chemistry
January 22
Jeff Hatten, Oregon State University
The Role of Wildfire in the Export of Particulates and Pyrogenic Organic Carbon from Small Mountainous Rivers along the US West Coast
Janurary 29
Jerry Freilich, National Park Service/Olympic National Park
Elwha Dam Removal: Current Updates on the World’s Largest Dam Removal
February 5
Daniel Schindler, Univ. of Washington
How watershed complexity promotes sustainability of freshwater resources to people and wildlife
February 12
Nancy Rottle, Univ. of Washington
Serving Multiple Ends: Water and Urban Design
February 19
Thomas DeLuca, Univ. of Washington
Sustained Productivity along Subarctic River Systems explained by Biological Nitrogen Fixation
February 26
Kevin Ceder and Mark Teply, Cramer Fish Sciences
What New Learning Tells us about the Efficacy of Riparian Forest Practice Regulations
March 5
Jody Bourgeois, Univ. of Washington
Tsunami Impacts Past and Present: Water where it isn’t wanted
March 12
Stan Hummel, King County
Brightwater: A Wastewater Treatment System for the Future