Jerry F. Franklin

Anderson 203

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Class Content: Overview of principles of sustainability including: Presentations and discussions with experts involved in sustainability and natural resources; reading and discussing literature relevant to the speakers and other aspects of sustainability; and discussions of methods for balancing social, economic, and ecological consequences  of proposed policies and actions and of the relation of sustainability to ethics and justice.  Students assess the evolution in their perspectives on sustainability during the course of the term by writing short essays at the beginning and at the end of the course.  Prerequisites required: None.  

Class Description: Principles of sustainability are introduced within a natural resource and human social context.  The history and development of sustainability as well as applications across an array of natural resources and disciplines are presented.  Preparatory reading assignments are provided for the majority of class periods.


Instructor will have office hours (Anderson Hall 203) from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, following class (or as otherwise individually arranged by email or in class).






Principles of Sustainable Forestry


Tuesday 1:30-3:20

Johnson Hall, room 102

ESRM 300