ESS472/575:Rockets and Instrumentation

Instructor: Prof. Robert Winglee (winglee @

This is a hands-on course for the development of rockets and their instrumentation. Students will participate in the building of the rocket, the telemtry system, and payload. The rocket(s) will be taken to the launch site (typically Eastern Washington) where the students will participate in final assembly, rocket motor fabrication, and then launch and recovery the system. Analysis data/performance occurs back at UW.

First Lecture + Curriculum

Second Lecture: Rocket Vitals

Third Lecture: System Engineering

Lecture: Basic Radio Transmitters

Lecture: Fin Can Construction

NAR Level3 Certification Package Construction

October 22, 2011 Student Launches

Vidoes of the Oct 22, 2011 Manfields launches

Part 1 of pictures at Mansfield Jack Frost 2011 Launches

Part 2 of pictures at Mansfield Jack Frost 2011 Launches

To work the slide shows below, click on the small images to get a medium size photo. If you would like the full size image click on Large on the top right hand side of the slide show interface. Click on the right hand side link to step forward through the images, and click on the left hand side links to go backwards.

YouTube movie from an RC plane of the Mansfield/UW launches

Other YouTube movies of UW launches include L2 Ultimate Endeavour and Delta IV

The group gratefully acknowledges the support of the Washington Aerospace Club and its members including Carl Hamilton for assistance during the class launches, and to Bob Frost and Mike McCarthy for assistance in telemetry and electronic packages.

We also gratefully acknowledge financial support from Aerojet and the Washington Space Grant Consortium.

Curriculum for Course