How to succeed in Marine Biology 250


Attend every lecture. This will give you the best idea of how to make sense of the material and how to connect examples to important concepts. You will also have the opportunity to earn participation points by answering clicker questions in class. Be sure to bring your clicker to class every day.

Come prepared. Complete the readings before you come to lecture and lab. You will get the most out of each lecture or laboratory exercise if you have already begun working with the material. You will also have a chance to ask questions about the readings and try to see how they fit into the lecture.

Take notes during class. We strongly suggest that you take notes during lecture. For most people, taking notes is a great way to help you understand and learn the material that you are hear and see during lecture. Of course, your notes are also a great study aid. If you do not take notes, you will either have to remember everything we say, or get notes from a friend. If you elect the latter strategy, realize that 1) much of the learning comes from the re-wording and writing the notes during class yourself, and 2) someone else’s notes are often quite difficult to interpret.

Work with other students. Research shows that people learn best when they discuss or explain material. We suggest that you compare your notes with a friend in class after each lecture to make sure you agree on the main points and can understand how they all fit together. It is also a great idea to form a study group with a few other students in the class and to meet a few times before each exam.

Ask questions. When a concept is not clear, be sure to ask questions. Please ask questions during lecture. Chances are that if you do not understand something, many others do not understand it either. If no one asks us to clarify what we say, we will assume that you understand everything. You can also ask questions during instructor or TA office hours.

Use the message board. The message board provides you a virtual way to work with other students and to ask questions. Answering others’ questions is a great way to learn the material better yourself. Additionally, you can generally get your questions answered here quickly—usually from peers, but the teaching team will check the message board periodically as well. The message board can be accessed here.

Hand in all your work on time. Be sure to avoid late assignments, as you will you lose points for late work. If you know in advance that you will be unable to turn in an assignment on time, let us know and we will work with you to create a more manageable solution. Late assignments will be penalized 20% per day.

Take advantage of extra credit opportunities. Be sure to take advantage of the extra credit opportunities: movie nights and dressing up for Halloween.

Take advantage of UW resources. It is a great idea to come to office hours. You can go to the office hours of the instructors or any of the TAs. This is a great time to ask questions as well as to listen to others ask questions. There are also a number of resources on campus that can support your learning in Marine Biology. Below are some UW resources available to you: