fish444 conservation genetics

The Conservation Genetics class falls broadly into a cluster of subjects where genetics is used primarily as a tool to answer evolutionary, ecological and management questions. If you're interested in developing expertise in this area, there are a number of classes on campus that will be of interest to you.

Classes taught by faculty in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (but open to students from all departments).

Within our College, we have developed a sequence of classes that aim to introduce undergraduate students to the use of genetic approaches to ecology and evolution, and graduate students to the applications and practices of genetic tools in Fisheries, Oceanography and Biology. The undergraduate sequence introduces the concepts in the context of broader ecological questions (Fish/Bio 340) and then develops the skill sets further in a fairly applied setting (Fish 444). If you head into grad school, we offer an opportunity for those of you who thought that you did not need genetics at the undergraduate level (but now realize that the most exciting developments are occurring in our field) to catch up. Once you've become the world's expert, we join you in seminar-style classes to discuss the latest concepts and advances in our field.

A short description of our classes follows.

Fish 340 / Bio 340. Genetics and Molecular Ecology. Instructor: Dr Lorenz Hauser Taught: Fall every year. This class intended to provide an alternative to the more medical-based Genome 371. Dr Hauser, my colleague in SAFS, covers subject matter relevant to a wide range of questions in the environmental and applied sciences.

Fish 444 Conservation Genetics. Instructor: Dr Kerry Naish. Taught: Spring every year. You are on our class webpage….

Fish 542 Principles and Applications of Molecular Methods. Instructor: Dr Lorenz Hauser. Taught: Alternates with Fish 545 in Spring. This class is intended to introduce graduate-level students to techniques and applications in Molecular Ecology and Evolution.

Fish 545. Advanced Population Genetic Analyses. Instructor: Dr Lorenz Hauser. Taught: Alternates with Fish 542 in Spring. Advanced exploration of analytical approaches for population genetic data sets. Includes the use of popular population genetic software with real datasets.

Fish 510 Topics in Genetics and Physiology. We occasionally participate in the graduate seminar series in the School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences.

Fish 507 Applied Bioinformatics for Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. A very cool course offered by Dr Steven Roberts. Introduces graduate-level (and advanced undergrad) students to techniques in genetic database mining, in order to take advantage of the large number of genomic resources increasingly available to our community.

Related classes on the rest of the campus:

Our (pretty famous) colleagues in Biology and Genome Sciences teach topics that provide a strong theoretical basis for many of the areas that we address in our classes. We suggest you browse the course catalogues of these departments.