FISH 559: Numerical Computing for the Natural Sources

(Useful Readings)

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(Useful links)

1. The R project
2. Splus routines

3. Tom Short’s reference card

4. Vito Ricci’s R functions for regression analysis

5. Text editors for use with R
6. Installing ADMB on Max OSX

1. ADMB Project

2. ADMB Documentation
3. Carolina's cheat sheet
4. CSIRO cheat sheet


Numerical methods
1. Numerical  recipes
2. Numerical methods
3. StatLib




(Installing R)

If you don't have R on your computer, visit the R project website, click 'R binaries', 'windows', 'base', and download the newest *.exe file. During setup, select components 1+3+5+6 (main, html, pdf, reference).