FIT 100 Fluency with Information Technology


Winter Quarter 2012

Lecture Time: MWF 2:30pm – 3:20pm

Location: Mary Gates Hall (MGH), Room 389

Instructor: Katherine Deibel, PhD <deibel AT uw dot edu>

Mailing list:


During the next ten weeks, you will read about technology, participate in lectures, complete hands-on learning assignments, post discussions online, and build projects.

No previous experience with computers is required for this course. prepared for a steep learning curve if you truly have NO experience. Students with no experience should come to the drop-in labs for extra help.

All students should be subscribed to the course mailing list,


This 5-credit class covers a wide range of material and will require a considerable amount of time. Students unable to spend up to 10 hours a week outside of class should consider taking this course during another term when they have more time.

Plan on 13-20 hours of work per week :

  • 8-15 hrs. homework
  • 3 hrs. lecture
  • 2 hrs. lab


Attendance is expected for all lectures and labs. Daily pop quizzes will be given in lecture. If you've paid attention in lecture, read the assigned chapters, learned the vocabulary, completed the labs and projects, you should do fine in the course.

Getting Started

To get started, explore the menu beginning with the online Syllabus. The Calendar keeps you up to date on what's happening and when in the course. It has links to all the lecture slides and screencasts, labs, and projects.