German 390/ Comp. Lit. 396

CHID 498/ Engl 363/ JSIS 488/ Lit 298

Freud and the Literary Imagination

Freud on Creative Writers

Irma Dream

Lieutenant Gustl: Study Questions

Interior Monologue

Freud, Creativity and "Involuntary Ideas"

Freud, Writers Study Questions

"Country Doctor": Study Questions

Freud's Theory of the Libido

Kafka, "The Judgment," Diary Entries

Kafka, "Judgment" and Oedipal Complex

Study Questions: Kafka's "Judgment"

Study Questions: Civilization and Its Discontents

Super-Ego and Guilt "Civilization"

Thomas Mann, Death in Venice

Study Questions, Death in Venice

Study Questions, Young Törless

Musil and Modernist Rupture

Freud and "Uncanny" Narratives

Freud and Hysteria

Study Questions: Bachmann's Franza

Franza and Cultural History

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Writing: Midterm

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