101 SuperSeek
Sprawling search site featuring all major search engines and over 1,200 specialized directories. With customizable multi-engine search feature.
Search 37 search engines all in one sitting. Check out the categorized lists for more narrow a scope.
Master the art of searching using the large array of tools available, including newsgroup and mailing list searchers.
Do a keyword search of the Internet, or browse through the directory's different categories. Get news, sports, and stock quotes.
All4one Search Machine
Simultaneous and speedy frames-based keyword search of AltaVista, Yahoo!, Lycos, and WebCrawler.
Web and Usenet News searcher, indexing over 100 million pages. OffersSimple, People, Business, Subject, and Advanced Searches.
Search engine for the Macintosh allows users to type in a keyword and to search through thousands of Web and ftp sites.
Email, address, and telephone number searches. Offers reverse lookup and link to AT&T's Click2Dial teleconferencing and directory service.
AOL NetFind
Kids Only search engine - simple, friendly interface lets kids find other kids, websites, email addresses, and newsgroup information.
Ask Jeeves
"Real language" search engine lets users word queries without knowledge of boolean algebra. With games, postcards, and popular search listings.
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Try out this children's version of the search engine that allows users to ask real English questions and find sites with the answers.
Multimedia search engine offers links to popular music audio clips. Search by artist or by genre.
Email, people search, and business directory services. Links to international Bigfoot sites for services to non-English speakers.
Byte Search
Use key words to search this meta search engine which provides access to dictionaries, newswires, and the general web.
C4 Total Search Technology
Get the information with this tool that search multiple web directories at once. Choose the display format for potential results.
Cox Interactive Media offers this glimpse into America's local metropolitan areas. Includes locations from Florida, Ohio, and California.
Surf with this Christian safety net. Look for live Webcasts, consider a Web-filtering service, get email, listen to music, and chat.
Debriefing Meta Search Engine
Java-based search which crawls AltaVista, Yahoo, Infoseek, Excite, Webcrawler , Lycos and Hotbot to return collated results.
Quick or power searching of newsgroups, within newsgroups, and to find a newsgroup to fit your interest.
DevSearch - Engine for Web Builders
Project Cool offering that gives you several resource sites to trawl, and allows you to specify design, scripting or HTML as your interest area.
Meta-search engine returns query results from other Web search engines, Usenet, FTP sites, stock quotes and news from wire services.
Electric Monk
The Electric Monk finds answers to real English questions. It's the first search engine that understands what you are looking for.
Use this well-known service to search by keywords or text strings, or browse the categories of reviewed sites.
FAST Search
Offers an enormous database for fulfilling search requests on the desktop. View company background, partnerships, and FAQs.
Finding Data on the Internet
JournalistÆs guide to using the Net for database research, with links to data on air safety, campaign contributions, medical research, crime statistics, and more.
One stop shop for free access to Internet and Usenet search engines and directories. With search syntaxes and example-based help.
FTP search
You may want to read the searching and formatting parameters before using this ftp search engine, located on a server in Trondheim, Norway.
Queries six Internet search engines in parallel and sorts results, weeding out repeat entries. Requires Navigator 2 or better.
Galaxy Einet
Search using any or all keywords, title, or link text searches within chosen categories. User-defined result display.
Web-exploration tool uses multiple search engines, newsgroup directories, and consumer resources to answer keyword queries.
Search results based on search word bidding process. Link to RegisterIt! enables one to register site with 400 search engines.
Wired magazine's search engine, powered by Inktomi, allows you to search within particular geographic or cyber areas.
Meta-search which extracts its results from Yahoo and Alta Vista. Perform a quick search on 30 subjects or submit a site for inclusion.
Husky Search
Key word parallel web search service in fast, default, and quality formats, provided as a service by the University of Washington.
Inference Find
Queries six search engines at once, merges the results, removes redundancies and categorizes findings for you.
Find extensive news categories, shop for electronics, books, software, music, and flowers. Include an auctions page and free email.
Information Please Kids' Almanac
Kids will want to check out this children-friendly dictionary, encyclopedia, and homework help almanac service all rolled into one resource.
Search engine offers keyword and category searches, news, free web advertising, chat, and free web pages.
Free 2 week trial of a charged-for service giving you unlimited access to more than 1,600 business information sources.
Internet Sleuth
Find what you're after by choosing from over 3000 searchable databases. Narrow the search down by selecting from over 20 subject listings.
Kid's Tools for Searching the Internet
Eleven search engines for kids are available for searches about lots of different topics, such as education, Disney activities, or games.
Business-to-business search engine allows users to search for companies by region or product in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
Resource details local guides for more than 35 US cities. Search the nation or just a metropolitan area.
Explore the alphabetical listings of subjects centered around Southern California. Includes a kids directory, a woman's guide, and job listings.
LookSmart Live!
Turn to expert Web searchers to locate hard-to-find sites and, in the process, improve search skills. Guarantees a response in 24 hours.
LookSmart Local Explore
Explore more than 50 American cities with this human-built directories local metro guides. Choose a location from the list, or enter a zip code.
Customizable search engine allows you to enter a search string or browse the Web by subject. With a newcomers' section.
Specialized multilingual search engine that indexes only Macintosh-specific web sites. Includes a list of the 20 most popular sites.
Smart search recognizes concepts related to keyword searches and returns them in order of relevancy.
Mamma - Mother of All Search Engines
Multi-engine searching of web sites, magazines, newspapers, newsgroups, companies, and MP3 files.
Metasearch returns answers to queries from 9 popular search engines. Ten search channels, forums, and links to major ecommerce sites.
MetaFind Your Search Spot on the Net
Use six search engines at onces using this tool and sort results by keyword, engine, domain, or alphabetically.
Take a look at what others are looking for on the Web. MetaSpy offers a frequently updated listing of query topics on various search engines.
MSN Encarta - WebCrawler
Encyclopedia article describes the invention of this Internet search tool and explains how it works.
Search engine provided from Internet.com. Useful for ISP, Java, ecommerce, and browser-related searches.
Northern Light
Search the web and a sizeable number of sources including WSJ abstracts, newswires and periodicals. Includes tools for customized searches.
Labeled the "democratic search engine," Omniseek allows users to submit web sites and news stories. Enter a specific query or browse topics.
Use this metasearch guide to find a specified topic through a variety of different and smaller search engines. Enter a keyword to get listings.
Features a web directory, a guide to web rings, and access to numerous search engines.
Open Text Index
Choose the simple search or (to pick which part of the web document to search, and the structure of the search) a power search.
Open Text Index
Choose the simple search or (to pick which part of the web document to search, and the structure of the search) a power search.
PC Game Finder
Free search engine service locates reviews, demos, hints, add-ons, fan pages, and official homepages for PC game titles, including new and upcoming releases.
PC Webopedia
Encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology. With browsable categories, top search terms listing, and related links.
Mac and Win95/NT web crawler for webmasters. Site visitors get platform-specific information, no matter where it is on the Internet.
Search by keyword for Web pages, email addresses, company, government and personal homepages, and international white and yellow pages.
Search engine that uses artificial intelligence to categorize queries and to then select the best search sources based on past performances.
Proteus Internet Search
Search using various typical meta-search engines or more specific web site directories, including Dogpile, Yahooligans, and Healthfinder.
Build your traffic and presence online. Find out how RealNames improves your position in search listings and stimulates repeat visits.
Large index of general and specialized search engines and directories, browsable by topic or title.
Sends your query to 19 search engines on the Internet and collates the results. Choice of over 15 languages.
Search Engine Watch
Informs users and web developers on all aspects of search engines and directories. Includes news and analyses of all the major players..
You'll never get lost again. Find the sites you're after by subject, or by keyword using a selection of search engines.
SSE Server and SSE Web
Search engine and Web tool utilizes XML technology. Learn about product architecture and find out how to apply in various industry settings.
Starting Point
Revamped search engine/directory with a select listing of high-quality sites under 12 main categories. Lets you personalize listings by adding your favorite URLs.
Meta search engine links to people finders, place finders, and shopping on the web. Also find other search engines.
France Telecom's US portal offers world news and chat. Also provides access to the mulilingual search engine, Echo.
Perform natural language searches using plain English syntax. Designed for novice users, but includes some advanced features.
Search for specific domain addresses by entering part of a web address, keywords, or company names.
WEPA - Search Puerto Rico
Look for businesses, classifieds, government, and science information. Check out the health and environment sections.
Windweaver Training Resources
Boston author/trainer Tracy Marks reviews, recommends and gives tips on using Internet search engines and directories.
Original search engine and directory of the Web. Search the entire database at once, or comb through the categories.
Showcases Filipino-related Web sites. Use the search box or browse through the provided categories.