Earth and Space Sciences 595, Spring 2010
Flow of Wet-Bedded Glaciers

Instructor: Ed Waddington

Office: 715 ATG
Office Hours: By arrangement
Telephone: 206 543 4585

Student Leaders

T.J. Fudge  (tjfudge at

Kristin Poinar (kpoinar at

Meeting Times and Locations

The meeting time is:

Fridays, 1:30 - 3:00 PM in the QRC Library (3rd Floor of Johnson Hall).

Course Goal
The goal of this reading seminar is to become familiar with how glaciers slide over their beds. We will look at some of the original papers on basal sliding as well as the most recent observations and modeling. The first part of the seminar will focus on alpine glaciers, since this is where most of the observations have been made. We will then apply that knowledge to the ice sheets.

Meeting Format

Each week we will have 'discussion leaders' rather than 'presenters.' The discussion leaders will facilitate the conversation, but should not prepare a powerpoint presentation - just bring a computer and the pdf to project the figures from the readings.

We will be setting up a google groups site where participants are expected to submit questions and comments prior to 9AM on Friday. The discussion leaders should cull these for the meeting at 1:30.

The group group is located at:

Preliminary Class Schedule
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