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Genome 453


Office hours are Fridays 10:30-11:30 in Vista Cafe, or by appointment.

If you believe you're getting stale files from this web site, my best advice is to close and reopen your browser.

Practice problems for the midterm are available here. These will not be collected or graded. Key is available here.

Equation sheet for midterm is here. This will be included as a tear-off sheet on the exam; it may be helpful to examine it in advance. The exam is closed-notes.

Key for the midterm exam is available. If you wish to challenge the grading of a question, make a photocopy of your exam page and write your argument on it.

Practice problems and key for the final are now available.

The 2014 final exam and its somewhat sketchy key are available for practice.

A key for the final exam is now available.

Happy holidays!