Homework Assignments for Weeks 1 and 2
(All references are to the Teach Yourself Complete Hindi textbook)

Assignments marked with the symbol
! are to be done in writing and turned in to be corrected and graded. The symbol marks assignments to be prepared for conversations.

For मंगलवार, जनवरी. 

·         Read carefully TYCH, section 7.1 (past-imperfective).


For बुधवार, जनवरी. 

·         Review of grammar from Fall quarter, focus on verbs


For गुरुवार, जनवरी. 

·         Read carefully TYCH, sections 7.2 (कुछ, कोई) and 7.3 (चाहिए).

·          [HW1a] ! Using past imperfective constructions, translate each of the following into Hindi. Write your answers out in your best handwriting, in pencil, on 4-line ruled paper, following conventions learned last quarter:

1.      I (m.) used to speak.

2.      We (f.) used to live.

3.      They (m.) used to learn Punjabi.

4.      You (तुम f.) used to go home.

5.      The girls used to come from Kanpur.

6.      Prakash used to read.

7.      Usha (उषा, f.) didn't used to live in Lucknow.

8.      Mother used to love Father.

9.      You (आप m.) didn't used to think.

10.  We (m.) used to dream.

11.  You (तू m.) used to converse with Rishi.

12.  We (f.) always used to take care of (i.e. mind) the house.

13.  Suresh used to sleep all day in school.

14.  Mrs. Khanna used to get up at five o'clock in the morning.

शुक्रवार, जनवरी. 

·         Memorize Conversation 7a. 

·         [HW1b] ! Prepare (in Hindi, in writing) these additional questions and their responses (to be turned in at the end of class):

1.      And where did you use to live in childhood?

2.      How many languages do you know?

3.      Did anyone in your family know many languages? Who?

4.      Please tell me something about your (own) special friend.

For सोमवार, जनवरी. 

·         Memorize Conversation 7b.

·         In class: dictation, seen & unseen passages

·         [HW2a] ! Prepare (in Hindi, in writing) these additional questions and their responses (to be turned in at the end of class):

  1. Do you work?  Where do you work?  What do you do?
  2. Before this, where did you used to work?  What did you used to do?
  3. Did you like that job?  Why (not)?
  4. Who all used to work with you?
  5. What did you need to do your work?


For मंगलवार, जनवरी.  

·         Read carefully TYCH, sections 7.4 (Ordinals), 7.5 (Aggregatives) and 7.6 (Conjunct verbs). 

·         [HW2b] ! Do in writing exercises 7a.1 and 7a.2


For बुधवार, जनवरी. 

·         Prepare for vocabulary quiz on Chapter 7 (including review of cardinal numbers 0-60)

·         In class: grammar drills, TYCH 7 review


For गुरुवार, जनवरी. 

·         Prepare for unit test on Chapter 7. The test will be 30 min. long, after which we will start on Conv 8a in class (no need to prepare).


For शुक्रवार, जनवरी.  

·         Read carefully TYCH, section 8.1 (Continuous tenses).


For सोमवार, जनवरी. 

·         NO CLASS – Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


For मंगलवार, १९ जनवरी. 

·         Read carefully TYCH, section 8.2 (‘to have’)

·         [HW3a] ! Using continuous verb forms, translate into Hindi: 

  1. Shiva (शिव proper noun, m.) was speaking.
  2. I (m.) am thinking.
  3. We (m.) are not buying.
  4. You (तू m.) are not asking about my store.
  5. She is coming from Delhi.
  6. We (m.) are going to Mumbai (मुम्बई).
  7. Lakshmi (लक्ष्मी prop. n. f, respect) was reading a book.
  8. Sangeeta was writing a letter to Kṛṣṇa.
  9. Ram's younger brother was making a plan.
  10. I (f.) was calling the wrong number.
  11. She was saying that I am not coming home tomorrow