Hindi 323 - Spring 2015

हिन्दी ३२३ - बसंत काल २०१५

Autumn Qtr (Hindi 321)
Winter Qtr (Hindi 322)

Meets MW 8:30 to 9:20am, TTh 8:00 to 9:20 in Savery Hall, room 167.

Course Outline, Required Texts, Goals, Policies
Class mailing list archives (Hindi323a_sp15)

Homework Assignments

Handouts, Supporting Materials

Recordings, Vocab Flashcards

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spkr प्रायश्चित्त Audio MP3 recording (15:37) Flashcards
spkr टोबा टेक सिंघ Audio MP3 recording (20:24) Flashcards
BBC's radio play (click on the सुनिए button)

Notes on the story by Dr. Frances Pritchett, Columbia University

About Sa'adat Hasan Manto

Manto's life (in Hindi)

Some short stories

spkr बीच की भटकन Audio MP3 recording (18:57) Flashcards
On Susham Bedi (in Nelson, E. S, ed. (2000), Asian American Novelists: A Bio-bibliographical Critical Sourcebook)

Shapiro Primer 26.4
Shapiro Primer 27.3 Flashcards 
Shapiro Primer 28.8 Flashcards 
Shapiro Primer 29.8 Flashcards 
Shapiro Primer 30.7 Flashcards 
Shapiro Primer 31.7 Flashcards 

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