HSERV 482/G H 490
The Health of Populations
Department of Health Services

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  1. Orientation to Population Health
  2. Determinants of Health
  3. Population Health from the Paleolithic On
  4. Health, Happiness, Inequality, and Heirarchy
  5. Early Life Lasts a Lifetime
  6. Medical Care and Its Impact on Health
  7. Mental Health
  8. Western Europe
  9. Japan
  10. Canada
  11. Former Soviet Union Countries
  12. Biology of Population Health
  13. India and China
  14. Health and Development in Poorer Countries
  15. Africa
  16. Physical Environment and Population Health
  17. Beliefs and Inequality
  18. Population Medicine
Stephen Bezruchka, MD, MPH
Department of Health Services
University of Washington, Box 357660
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