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Digital Literacy Self-Assessment
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    Digital Literacy Self-Assessment
    This Self-Assessment is designed to help you determine if you will need additional training or practice to meet the computer-related requirements of your degree program. It is divided into 9 parts:
  • General Computer Knowledge
  • File Management Knowledge
  • System Maintenance and Security Knowledge
  • Word Processing Skills 
  • Communications Skills (email, listservs)
  • Web Skills
  • Databases, Searching and Information Integrity
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation Skills
  • At the end of each part, total your points for that section, and based on the total, make a decision about whether or not you need to seek additional training in that area:
    • If you score above 16 points for any particular section, you probably have the skill level you need to use a computer in that area for your program.
    • If you score between 10 and 15, you seem to have a significant amount of familiarity but we suggest you continue to give yourself opportunities to work with a computer and become even more familiar with that particular aspect**.
    • If you score below 10, you need to get additional training and/or practice**.
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