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HSTEU 305                       EUROPEAN WITCH TRIALS                              Spring Quarter 2017


                                    witch burning

 Professor Mary O'Neil    Office: Smith 212A   Phones: 543-9370 or 543-5790 (messages)       
 Office Hours:
   Weds 1:30-3pm & by appointment other times
 E-mail: oneilmr@uw.edu   best way to reach me and schedule appts outside of office hours.

COURSE WEB PAGE  http://courses.washington.edu/hsteu305  -- please consult weekly

Teaching Assistant: Taylor Soja  tsoja@uw.edu  Office Smith 214  Office Phone 543-8921
                                Office hours to be announced at Friday sections                                        

Required Books (ordered at University Bookstore)
     Norman Cohn, Europe’s Inner Demons (Revised edition, 2001)
     Kors & Peters, Witchcraft in Europe 1100-1700: Documentary History (2cd ed, 2001)
     Brian Levack, The Witch Hunt in Early Modern Europe 2016, 4th  edition   (2cd or 3rd edition OK)
     Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus
     Richard Godbeer, The Salem Witch Hunt: a Brief History with Documents

XEROX PACKET: additional readings for second half of course & documents for second papers

     Incompletes at end of quarter for medical or personal emergencies only.

1) Attendance at lectures, KEEP UP WITH reading: about 100 pages week
          this is a lot but very interesting, sometimes amazing reading (think 20 pp a day for 5 days)

2) DISCUSSION:    participation in Friday section discussions will count for 10% of grade --
                    this grade will be based on attendance & participation, to be decided by your TA.

3) EXAMS:      Mid-term exam (20%)  Monday April 24th  in class (Week 5)
                         Final exam        (25%)   Wednesday June 12, 4:30-6:20    


            First short assignment:  due  Wedmesday April 12, 3-4 pages (20%)   Wk 3
            Second longer paper:   due Wednesday May 31, 6-8 pages (25%)  Week 10
 Late papers will be marked down -.1 per day overdue (weekend = 2 days)

   FIRST PAPER TOPIC (3-4 pp)  Analysis of texts from early medieval witchcraft legislation.
              Details available on last page of this syllabus. Texts will be discussed in section & lecture.

   SECOND PAPER TOPICS (6-8 pp) are to be drawn from assigned course readings, based on
            an analysis of primary documents such as the Malleus, Doctor Faustus, 16th C. Witch Debate,
            transcripts of witch trials, including the benandanti (Night Battles) in Italy, and others from France,
            Germany,  England or Salem witch trials . Topics will be posted after midterm



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