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HSTEU401 Summer 2016

Course Web site:

Instructor: Mary R. O'Neil, Associate Professor
Office: Smith 212A
Office Hours: Off Hrs:after class and by appointment
Phones: 543-5790 (messages); 543-9370

Course web page: (let me know if links don’t work)

Books ordered at University Bookstore:

Lisa Kaborycha, A Short History of Renaissance Italy
Lauro Martines, A Renaissance Sextet
Gene Brucker ( ed) Two Memoirs of Renaissance Florence: The Diaries of Pitti and Gregorio Dati
Leon Battista Alberti, The Family in Renaissance Florence, Book III edited by Renee Neu Watkins
Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince: Norton Critical Edition
               This edition contains a selection of Machiavelli's letters and other critical essays which
               will be assigned. If you have a  different edition of The Prince, I can arrange for these
               materials to be placed on e-reserve.
Xerox packet of additional readings will be available; instructions in class.

Course Requirements:
Attendance at lectures, participation in discussion and 2 one page response papers 10%
Response papers should be a brief, one page statement about reading assigned for a given day. 
        You may focus on any aspect of the assigned reading, and on a single reading.  The                              purpose is to raise questions about the reading for discussion.  Typed or handwritten (no pencil).
Short paper due  Friday, July 29th on Two Memoirs of Ren Florence 20%
            Instructions for first paper are included with in-class syllabus.
            Late papers will be marked down -.1 per day overdue.
Midterm Exam Wednesday August 3 in class 20%
Longer paper: due Wednesday August 17 in class 25%
Final exam: Friday August 19 25%




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