Basic Document Structure

There are a few elements which belong in every document which you create. The elements set up the basic structure of the web page.

All HTML documents which you create must follow this basic template:
    <title> The Title Goes Here </title>

    The content of the document goes here.

Detailed Element Descriptions

Tells the browser to interpret content as HyperText Markup Language. All HTML content must be in-between these tags. Only the head and body tags can be nested directly inside the html tag.
Specifies information about the document. No information in the head tag will be displayed in the actual document window. This element must be nested within the html element.
The text entered in the title tag will be displayed on the title bar of the browser, rather than in the browser window. The title must be nested in the head tag.
Everything in the body element will be displayed in the window of the browser. This is where all of the actual content of the web page will go. It must be nested within the html element.

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