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HuBio 564: Principles of Pharmacology II 

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Course Description: Spring 2009

Course Chair: Dr. Charles Chavkin
E-mail: cchavkin@uw.edu
Office: D425


Lectures and conferences on drugs acting on the central nervous system. Emphasis on physiological and biochemical mechanisms with consideration of their therapeutic and adverse effects.

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  1. Simply follow this link to the podcast. Lectures will be shown in reverse chronological order.
  2. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or other podcast software. To do this in iTunes, click on the Advanced menu, choose "Subscribe to Podcast" and enter this link. The most recent recording will automatically download and you can choose to get any older ones. As new lectures are added, iTunes will automatically download them. You can choose to listen to the recordings on your computer within iTunes or synchronize to your iPod.
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