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Final Exam

Date: Monday, September 15, 2008
Time: from 1:30 - 5:30pm
Location: Hogness Auditorium

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HuBio 567 "The Skin" Course Syllabus

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NOTE: lecture notes will posted as they become available prior to the lecture. Lectures are in PDF format (1 slide/page) and can be printed with multiple slides per page using your printer's multiple page print feature.

Epidermal Differentiation
Dr. Fleckman
Epidermal Differentiation [5.66MB]
Basement Membrane Zone
Dr. Colven
Basement Membrane Zone [3.04MB]
Structure/Function of the Dermis
Dr. Chien
Structure/Function of the Dermis [964KB]
Skin Appendages
Dr. Haycox
Skin Appendages [2.02MB]
Dr. Gibran
Burns [3.21MB]
Clinicpath Correlates in the Skin
Dr. Kirby
Clinicopath Correlates in the Skin [3.620MB]
Cutaneous Immunology
Dr. Nghiem
Cutaneous Immunology [4.27MB]
Microbiology of Skin and Skin Infections
Dr. Kalus
Microbiology of Skin and Skin Infections [1.618MB]
Wound Healing
Dr. Olerud
Wound Healing [5.17MB]
Skin Pigmentation
Dr. Shinohara
Skin Pigmentation [2.28MB]
Dr. Hornung
Photobiology [1.54MB]
Skin Cancer
Dr. Berg
Skin Cancer [3.0MB]
Introduction to Clinical Dermatology
Dr. Colven
Introduction to Clinical Dermatology [2.64MB]
Small Group Session II slides
Small Group Session II slide [5.92MB]

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