Notes for Chapter One

1 See also Kress and van Leeuwen, who focus more broadly on constructivism (p. 27).

2 Magritte discovered what we now call gradient masks in a similar fashion. See Addendum to chapter.

3 One might compare the Brett Whitley self-portrait in Kress and van Leeuwen (p. 210) to see what non-integration and non-wholeness might look like. Similarly, the eyes in the hands of Herbert Bayer's Lonely Metropolis" (1932) (see Grahame Clarke, The Photograph (OUP, 1997), p. 201) are not emblems of coordination at all.

4See James R. Gaines' "To Our Readers" in Time July 4, 1994, vol. 144, no. 1

5(Sandy Young's work might also be considered, except that she is rather stinting with her free samples. See: Home Page
altpick's sampler)

6As discussed in the first chapter, Mitchell maintains that textimage can become differentiated with the parts in tense or agonistic relation; Picture Theory.