Table of Contents for Writing With Images

Hypertext Abstract of Introduction:
Imagetext and Other Mixed Modes

Section Subsection Points Examples
1. Fall and Rise relations of image and text
Visual Language, Visual Literacy?
2.Issues2.1. holistic v. analyticClip Art
2.2 digital v. analog
2.3 images v. propositions * Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Natsuki Kimura
2.4 code v. context 
2.5 naturalism v. abstractionShirin Kouladjie, clip art. Alex Shulgin
2.6 documentary v. manipulation 
2.7 art v. nonart 
3. Mixed Modes   Robert Cumming
* Addendum: Clip Art

Hypertext Abstract of Chapter 1:Words in Images

Section Subsection Points Examples
Introduction equal/unequal footing John Baldessari
1. Magritte 1.1 Signification/representation/ resemblance Magritte
1.2 Concept blobs
1.3 Titles/captions/labels
2. Stable Relations 2.1 Titles/captions Proper and random names Shane Cooper
2.2 Placards and Legends placards as context Hans Haacke, Jacqueline Hayden
2.3 Labels diagram and label,
canonical views
Larry Rivers, Jasper Johns, Kim Beckmann
3. Appropriations Lies and Truth John Heartfield, Victor Burgin,
Esther Parada, WIRED
4. Unstable Relations 4.1 Martha Rosler documentary v. experience
representation of non-place
Martha Rosler
4.2 textmontage blending of text and image Stef Zelynskyj, Sandy Young, Kim Beckmann
Diane Fenster, Ian Campbell, WIRED, Willie Doherty, Eduardo Navas
5. Word-Image Chains equivalence as links Joseph Squier, Carol Flax, Carmin Karasic
Liz Miller, Shelly Jackson

Hypertext Abstract of Chapter 2: Photomontage

Section Subsection Points Examples
Introduction Photomontage/Photocollage
blending 2 co-present worlds
Why hard to see?
Explosion with Photoshop
Duane Michals
1. Reflections "natural photomontage"
display windows
impossible worlds
Eugene Atget, Barbara Morgan, Clarence John Laughlin, Mac Adams
2. Form 2.1 edges and gradients * contours, outlines
variable masks
inversion of image
Man Ray,
Calum Colvin, O. J. Rejlander,
Coryndon Luxmoore, Clarence Laughlin, Catherine McIntyre
2.2 horizon and perspective ** orientation, multiples Barbara Morgan, Van Telberg, Clarence Laughlin
2.3 superposition of layers sources of difficulty Burke Uzzle, Esther Neimanas
3. Interpretation 3.1 reduced opacity - ->subjectivity Duane Michals, Edmund Teske, Diane Fenster
3.2 outline - ->identity Grahame Weinbren,El Lissitsky, Alice Lev-Neringer
Jerry Uelsmann, Barbara Morgan, Diane Fenster
3.3 perspective - -> world Van Telberg
3.4 stacks of layers- -> historical sequence Geoff Broadway, Richard Ramsdell,
Esther Parada, Annette Pugh
Nancy Goldring
4. Faux Photomontage projections painted in space Calum Colvin
5. Photo Illustration photoshopmontage;
illustration, analysis

Hoang, Fairman,
McIntyre, Fenster
* Addenda Solarization and Inversion
Canonical Perspective
Magritte Discovers Gradient Masks
** Addendum : Perspective Workshop

Hypertext Abstract of Chapter 3: From Papier collé to Digital Collage

Section Subsection Points Examples
Introduction collage/montage Alex. Rodchenko, Bernie Stephanus, Georges Braque
1. Structures scale of work
main patterns
emblem books
Hannah Hoch, Cory Eiseman, Laurence Gartel, Robin Street, Natsuke Kimura, Gary Worzel, Shirin Kouladjie, Pierre Robin, Hans Goede, Kinga Britschgi
2.Edges: Displacements and Grafts photomosaic,
grafts, degrees of semanticity
David Hockney, Bernie Stephanus, Shirin Kouladjie
3. Visual Form and Semantic Content 3.1 newspapers Hans Haacke, Adrienne Wortzel
3.2 advertisement images Pierre Robin
3.3 famous canvases Pat Street, Bernie Stephanus, Shirin Kouladjie
3.4 Abstract Collage? Cyril Touchon, Cheryl McClure
4. Animated, Interactive,
Multimedia, & Randomized
small moving parts
Flash: sound, animation
rearrangeable collage
random and dynamic collage
Ian Campbell, Shirin Kouladjie, Martha Rosler
Friederike Paetzold, Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink, Dirk Hine

Hypertext Abstract of Chapter 4: Viewing Viewing

Section Subsection Points Examples
Introduction Viewing as theme
figure looks at the viewer:
Thomas Struth (Seurat)
1. Viewing viewing 1.1 scale of guilty looking Chim, Natalie Bookchin, Victor Burgin
1.2 Absorption/recognition Eduoard Manet, Jeff Wall, Jan Saudek, Gerd Ludwig
2.Including the shooter 2.1 Self-Portrait with Wife June and Models Helmut Newton
2.2 Picture for WomenJeff Wall
2.3 Agfa Advert
3. Seeking to See 3.1 Cyberbabes Lisa Hutton
3.2 Cyberbride Teo Spiller
3.3 Voyeur Viewer
3.4 easylife/XXX Alexei Shulgin

Hypertext Abstract of Chapter 5: Contexts

Section Subsection Points Examples
Introduction Gallery-museum as context
high v. popular culture
1   aesthetic framing Gustave Courbet
1.1 noticing, appropriation, and critique Richard Prince
1.2 art.historyBarry Kite, Yasumasa Morimura, Joel-Peter Witkin, Kim Stringfellow, Graham Harwood
2 * 2.1 Brandon Shu Lea Cheang
2.2 Zombie Princess"Francesca da Rimini"
3. Images in 3.1 Innocence exposed The Onion
3.2 Intensification of the banal The Onion
3.3 Brochures exposed chickenhead, thecomedylab
3.4 50s' cheerful smiles exposed chickenhead
3.5 glossing over the horrors Landover Baptist
Conclusion Harlan Wallach
Appendix: Contexts and Web Humor: The Case of Religion Sites

Hypertext Abstract of Chapter 6:Maps of Abstractions

Section Subsection Points Examples
Introduction Data Structures
Nodes,edges, paths
cyclic/acyclic, directed
Harry Beck
1. Semantic Space 1.1 WordNet George A. Miller et al.
1.2 Visual Thesaurus Mark Tinkler
1.3 Apartment Marek Walzak and Martin Wattenberg
2.Modelling File Systems 2.1 Tree Directories Ztree, file and folder, TreeMapper
2.2 Semi-Excursus on TreesLanguage Trees, Descent Trees
2.3 3D maps of file systemsxandi, Yusuke Shinyama, Leander Seige, Ramanathan V. Guha, Mary Flanagan
3 Hypertext 3.1 Hypertext as rhizome A Thousand Plateaus
3.2 Hypertext as collage
3.3 Hypertext as cinematic montageWalter Benjamin
Giles Peaker
4 Web Sites 4.1 Machine-made Webs: nodes and edges (Hypertext Gardens), Merzscope, Mapuccino, Astra, Nestor
4.2 Hand-made Webs Vera Frenkel, Udi Aloni
4.3 Web site as Life form Ben Fry
Conclusion: Map or TerritoryLisa Jevbratt

Conclusion: Short Histories of the Present

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