Hypertext Abstract of Chapter 1:
Words in Images

Section Subsection Points Examples
Introduction equal/unequal footing John Baldessari
1. Magritte 1.1 Signification/representation/ resemblance Magritte
1.2 Concept blobs
1.3 Titles/captions/labels
2. Stable Relations 2.1 Titles/captions Proper and random names Shane Cooper
2.2 Placards and Legends placards as context Hans Haacke, Jacqueline Hayden
2.3 Labels diagram and label,
canonical views
Larry Rivers, Jasper Johns, Karen Beckmann
3. Appropriations Lies and Truth John Heartfield, Victor Burgin,
Esther Parada, WIRED
4. Unstable Relations 4.1 Martha Rosler documentary v. experience
representation of non-place
Martha Rosler
4.2 textmontage blending of text and image Stef Zelynskyj, Sandy Young, Kim Beckmann
Diane Fenster, Ian Campbell, WIRED, Willie Doherty, Eduardo Navas
4.5 Word-Image Chains equivalence as links Joseph Squier, Carol Flax, Carmin Karasic
Liz Miller, Shelly Jackson