1. Group Projects

    1. Satire; see also Internet Auction
    2. Ethnicity in Seattle
    3. Washington Wetlands
    4. Explore the Ave
    5. I am American
    6. Nuclear Bombs
    7. Internet Crime
  2. Final Projects

    1. Gasworks Park(Nancy Rudolph)
    2. Green Lake (Hyejin Hwang)
    3. A Literary Hypertext(Natasha Zhong)
    4. Surveillance Online (Ian Hawk)
    5. Ricky Bruch: Modern Sisyphus (Tyler Scott)
    6. I'm in ur title, annnoying ur grammarz (Tyler Weirauch)
  3. Reviews:

    1. Carmen Karasic: With Liberty and Justice for All (Phoebe Ayers)
    2. Magdalen Laundries (Ernie Collins)
    3. Jody Zellen: Random Paths(Robert Lee)
    4. Flax and Scholz: Tuesday Afternoon (Jenny Knight)
    5. Chained Displacements (Brian Wishan)
    6. Lower East Side Tenement Museum (Jesse Kiewit)
    7. Sprawl (Matt Harris)
    8. Escape from Silicon Valley (Morgen Nilsson)
    9. Aka Kurdistan (Ian Hawk)
  4. Poems:

    1. Sailing to Byzantium (Tamara Fernandez)
    2. The Highwayman (Tina Chaddick)
    3. Maya Angelou (article)(Desiree Parham)
    4. The Journey of the Magi (George Lee)
    5. The Lady's Dressing Room (Tyler Weireich)
    6. The Stolen Child (Luke Williamson)
    7. Diary of Adam and Eve (Grace Kim)
    8. What a Wonderful World (Sy Nagao)
    9. To His Coy Mistress (Rich Walker)