In Nature's Solace

It is not often we humans seek out nature for solace,
For we live in a hectic world often filled with too much malice.
Days are spent weaved in countless hours,
Working for the man that couldn't care less about the alpine flowers.

Often his creed is only that interested in greed, power, and material wealth,
For he has no use in the things on the trail for natural health.
He is of the masses now, a robot of society that never hears nature's calls,
And the only temple he knows to worship in, is enclosed with four stained-glass walls.

Sadly, he has never experienced an adventure beyond the road,
For the forest and mountains have become written in an unknown code.
Alas, he thinks God made everything for man,
And he knows not even himself nor life or deaths span.....

Ken J. McLeod © 2001