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This website is devoted to an internet phenomena known as LOLCATZ. However, this is not simply because of the adorable kittens and ironic catchphrases. I would like to examine the nature of the phenomena, what sparked it and what is so interesting about it. I would like to pull the shroud away fromt the elusive cat crazed explosion.

First off, LOLCATZ is not a single entity; it encompasses a great deal of internet elitism, or l337ism as an internet nerd might say. LOLCATZ dives deep into the satire and humor that encompass the internets.

It is for that reason, to understand internet humor and get a glimpse of the inside jokes between people who can only hope to catch a breath of fresh air from the tubes which the internet is made up of.

Through the lens of LOLCATZ I will delve into several other internet memes and to some extent, internet sub culture in general. The reason that I am examining through the lens of one particular meme is to show the interconnectedness of internet popularity. Many of these popular phenomena gain popularity from the same sites, or maintain usage at the same sites.

Peeping into the sub-culture of the internet that creates and popularizes these memes shows a new trend in society that is coming soley due to the internet. People can come together and have their own exclusive groups with inside jokes without ever having to meet anybody. In fact, most of the memes come from some of the nerdiest topics. I still don't have any clue as to why some of these became so popular, but I feel that it is important to attempt to understand some of these jokes simply to maintain a perspective on society.

This is a link to a website dedicated to LOLCATZ images.

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