Assignments for English 282, Fall 2011

All assignments should be kept on your Vergil home (i.e.dante --> public_html) directory; submit your assignment by posting a link to it on the Message Board. Color the link red. Click the HTML button to signal the server that this is a link.

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Assignment #1: Make a Text Hypertext

Due 13 October (20 pts.)

For this assignment, you should take a text, get it up on line if it is not, and then add links to it around various words in the text. Some links should lead off-site and some should lead to other pages (e.g. notes and comments) on site. Some possible ideas might be hypertextualizing: a (good) essay you've written, a news story, a political issue, a brief biography, or annotating a short story or poem like these annotations by

Specifically, your project should have:

  1. at least four links to other sites
  2. at least two links to secondary pages made by you in the same directory
  3. at least one link to a section on the same page, targeted with "id"
  4. at least one link to a classmate's project, or to one of the archived pages
  5. all of these with "tool-tips" (i.e., title attributes on the links)
  6. EXTRA CREDIT: A targeted or pre-scrolled link to an off-site page, as on the Alfred Noyes (Chaddick) page, or Swift (Weirauch).

In the end, your completed assignment should be one that someone surfing the web would want to read--just like any other "good" text.

Assignment #2: Add formatting to plain text

Due 20 October (20 pts.)

When WIRED printed the attached text, they played with the cut-and-paste idea and broke the text up into about 7 fragments differing by font-family, weight, style, line-height, and margin. Mark this up in that fashion as a web page, using at least 5 different fonts from different families, 3 changes of color, a change of weight (you can use STRONG) and style (use EM).

For a big archive of fonts which you can select from and can link with the script they give you, seeGoogle Webfonts. Here is an example of the LINK link they give you if you want this particular Pinyon Script font:
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
You have as many of these as you want.

Assignment #3: Restyle Page

Due 10 November (15 points)

For this assignment, you should choose an already more or less finished page—your own or someone else's—and redesign its layout keeping content the same. You should use the powers of style sheets to size and position elements, assign colors, borders, white space, fonts (faces, sizes, styles, weight, line-height). You do not need to get fancy with dynamic tricks, but you should make substantial use of the resources of style sheets to make two alternative layouts controlled by two external stylesheets. You can link one page version with one stylesheet to the next one with the other sheet, and a link to the original page should be provided. For this assignment, put your style comment describing what you are trying to do on a separate page.

Criteria: you should make substantial use of the style attributes available and you should make designs that fall within the tasteful-striking range and are appropriate to the page's purpose and audience.


The CSS Validator will probably be useful or indispensable for this project. Good rules of thumb for external stylesheets:

  1. Don't use =

  2. Don't use "" (the only exception is a font name with gaps in it)

  3. Close every line with a ;

  4. Remove all old-style inline presentation markup (e.g., align, bgcolor); use text-align and background-color in the stylesheet instead

  5. Remember that local (inline) specifications override document level (top of page) specifications and both override external style specifications. If a line from an external style sheet is not working on your page, inline markup may be reversing or preventing it from working.

  6. Take out and do not use the FONT tag; if you want to put style on a non-element, use SPAN and set the style for SPAN in the stylesheet.

Assignment #4 Option: Juxtaposition Critique or Instructional Page

Due 15 December (20 pts.)

The task here is to analyse and evaluate the juxtapositions in one site from the following list:

  1. Larry Albert, Houston Wet; especially Scrapbook and Words First
  2. Carmen Karasic, With Liberty and Justice For All
  3. Colette Gaiter, The Natural Order of Things [mirror]
  4. Rheim Alkadhi:My Lover in Unequal Parts (2006)
  5. Carol Flax, Journeys: 1900/2000
  6. Esther Parada, Transplant: A Tale of Three Continents (1996--repaired)

The leading questions are what kinds of things get juxtaposed? What kind of juxtaposition is it? How does the juxtaposition work to express the theme(s) of each piece? A good way to get started would be to sort the juxtapositions in your site into different piles. Note also that some of the juxtapositions are between text and image, or within some of the images, and likewise between sound and image or sound and text.

Examples (which have not said it all by any means):

Instructional Pages