Date Readings Topics Classwork & Assignments
29th September (in class) BWD, c.1 find different floors History of Browser Support
•customizing a browser
Moving in: Open Web acct.
•Using (TeraTerm Pro) to Dante account
•Using WinScp to down/upload from home or lab (Mac=Fugu)
•Adding an icon
•Unix Commands
•Using Pico to edit on site.
4 October BWD, cc.1&2 •HEAD elements:TITLE, META, LINK, STYLE, SCRIPT
•Block elements
•Line Break and Horizontal Rule
•Phrase (logical style) elements
6 October • BWD, c.2 (& Rev/Apply) Character Entities
Checking (Tidy) & Validation
•Writing with HTMLKit (Mac:TextWrangler)
•HoP 2.7-2.10
11 October •BWD, c.3 •Hyperlink anchors
•URL paths
•links to fragments
•Email hyperlinks
Title and Target attributes
HoP 3.1-3.4
13 October •BWD, c.4
WSG3:Site Structure
•Coolpreviews and (Chrome)EZlinks Preview
•Info from Google on Size of Browser Windows ('resolution')
•Browsers and Standards
•Website Structures
•CARP Design principles
Site Map for our class (from
•HoE (94-5)
Due: Ass. #1: Hypertextify a Text
18 October •BWD, c.4 •Use of text (& fonts)
•Use of color (see Tools:Color Codes)

20 October •BWD, c.4
• Navigation Design
•Page Layout Design
•More Design and Checklist
•Due: Ass. #2: Add formatting to plain text.
25 October •BWD: c.5 •inline styles
•embedded styles
•external styles
HoP 5.1-5.4
27 October •BWD: c.5
•Use of SPAN
•Conv to external
CSS Validator
•HoP 5.5-5.7
• All Review and Apply
1 November BWD c. 6 •GIF|JPG|PNG
•IMG Element (HTML5: FIGURE)
Gimp to optimize and clean images
•IMG anchors for hyperlinks
HoP 6.1-6.3
3 November BWD, c.6
Simplest hover button
Fancier buttons
with image
•Background images
Morgue File
•HoP 6.4-6.5
8 November BWD, c.7
Web Typography
•Webfonts&Google api
Demo of Weights and Styles
•Control Text Properties
•HoP 7.1-7.4
10 November BWD, c.7 •The box model
•HoP 7.5-7.9
Due: Ass. #3: Restyle Page
15 November BWD c.8
Topics: Position &Layout
•Flow and float
•Abs/Rel positioning
•HoP: 8.1, 8.2
•homework in 'Topics'
17 November BWD c.8
Chrome Web Dev Tools: Elements
Using Firebug
•2 col layout
•UL menus
•Figure and caption
•Using Firebug and WebDev to debug and edit
•HoP: 8.3, 8.4
22 November
e-passagen of Walter Benjamin
The White Teeth of London
One Text: Many Stories
Negativland: Death Sentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak
HTML Remix: Context//Recombination//Juxtaposition Final project assigned
29 November Secondary Windows •Popping secondary windows
•accordian pages: Working example
•CSS3 Transitions

1 December BWD c.9 Tables •HoP: 9.1-9.4 & RA
6 December BWD c.11
Players: Native ogg, xspf(Flash), &jorbis(Java)
Freesound Project
•Adding audio clips
• Adding video
•HoP: 11.4-11.6