Procedures for English 282

  1. Please resist the temptation to do email, shop, blog, tweet, or write on Facebook walls during class, above all when someone is addressing the class. Save all that for 700 person lectures.
  2. Show your ignorance and share your knowledge. Nobody knows everything.
  3. Grading:

    There are three substantial assignments that together make up 65% of your grade. They are due by 10pm on the date assigned and will not be graded until their links and images are all working. Points will be deducted for lateness as well as bad writing and bad spelling. I will respond to the work by email.

    Each assignment should have a substantial comment in the source (i.e, set off from the rest of the source by a <!-- your words here --> in which you state your main design goal in the project and the specific means you chose to achieve it. This comment will help me understanding what you are trying to do even if it falters in the execution.

  4. The remaining 35% will be divided between Hands on Practices and exercises (25%) and class participation (15%), which includes attendence, participation, and helpfulness to others, and one other task: over the course of the quarter, you should post links to at least three pages with interesting things on them that others might benefit from (i.e., want to steal). Your link should say why you find the page noteworthy. These links must be posted before the final week.