IMT 540 - Design Methods for Interaction and Systems
The Information School, Autumn 2009

Instructor: David Hendry

Office: Mary Gates Hall 330P
Office Hours: By appointment
Telephone: 206-616-2316

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Adobe Connect:
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  • The first class meeting for IMT-540 is October 9 in Mary Gates Hall 234.

  • To prepare, please see the Syllabus (I will bring printed copies to our first class.)

  • Your first writing exercise is due on October 9 @ 6AM -- please see the link to the Weekly Writing Exercises below. If, for some reason, you are unable to submit your writing exercise to the dropbox then send it to Dave Hendry by email.



Each week of the quarter we shall read one or more papers. The readings, as single PDF files, can be found in the following directory.


The files are named with this code: ##_Author.pdf where ## is the week and Author is the name of the first author of the paper