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Fall Quarter 2012
Instructor: Bob Larson

Dates: September 24 - December 7, 2012
Location: Online (100%) - No Residence Sessions

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Please take a few minutes to look at these:
These four presentations are available to anyone with a UW student ID. They are included in the first session of the course and explain the tools we use to make the on-line courses work. View full screen.

What are the 1-credit INFX courses and why should I take them? - 15:38 minutes
About Web Site in my courses - 6:46 minutes
About iPeers in my courses - 10 minutes
About Discussion Boards in my courses - 24:33 minutes

The INFX on-line courses are attended by both MSIM and MLIS Graduate Students. The MLIS students can be located anywhere in the world. The Mid-career MSIMs can also be travelling during the course. For this reason it is very difficult to schedule a "live" session that would fit everyone's class, work and family schedule. The hope is that the course will allow you to take the course and schedule the work to fit your schedule using the iPeer and Discussion Boards as the main communication.

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